Creating the Real Estate of the future – Seasteading

We all now chortle about the flying cars that always seem to be just out of reach and not all that likely, but it is still fun and interesting to see a new idea that really floors one that seems somewhat plausible.   There is a real nugget of information that was an eye opener to me and I test asked a dozen really smart people and no one have a clue:   More than 1/2 of all seafood used by humanity comes from less than .1% of the entire ocean area that is naturally fertilized.   Moreover  a scientist-entrepreneur named Russ George has experimented with incredible results distributing iron sulfate into previously barren offshore water  and tripled his catch of salmon in one year.     Once I read the book I will put up a review, but I thought it worth sharing for now.    This sounds better than blasting off into space!!   Rick

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